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Simple Halter Top

Just wanted to show you how to make something out of neckerchiefs that you can take with you on vacation. I am in Hawaii and I made this before I left and plan on wear it to the beach.

I like using handkerchiefs that are already made, 18" x 18" in size. I am sure you can make this with larger or smaller neckerchiefs as well. I like using cotton, the synthetic ones, tend to twist or be uneven. When I started this project, I started with a synthetic and a cotton and you will see the difference, towards the end when I switch out the pieces.

I usually make my own bias tape but I wanted to show you that you can buy a bias tape from Walmart, Joann's or Hobby Lobby. I like using the thin one but, I had a package of 1/2" double fold bias tape at home and figured I could use it. It is your halter, so you decide which size you wish to use.

I like using my iron for lots of things but mostly for making where I need to sew or making my seams clean. I have put this next video together for you so that you will know how to start your halter top.

You can see that after I sewed this green front, I was not happy that the synthetic was not matching well, so I changed the neckerchief to another cotton pattern. I found my centers for both sides of my neckerchief and now I can put my pieces together at the top. Remember you need to cut 2 straps 12" to 18" in length for the top of your halter.

Now, we are going to put the two pieces together, pin you straps securely.

We are going to start forming the bra area of your halter top.

You will need to clip the center to help create the vee in your bra.

As you can see I top stitched the bra area of my halter top. Our next step is to add a casing for a drawstring.

Measuring your first stitch line for your casing.

Sewing and creating the actual casing line.

I will now feed my drawstring into my casing.

You now have a finished halter and you can wear it the way you like. If you think that the bra is too big for you, measure something smaller than half of the neckerchief. I know that this one opens up on me so I will be putting a safety pin at the top to keep me secure, but I love it and will take it with me to Hawaii.

I do hope you will enjoy making this halter and I will do my best to come up with more interesting ideas for you that are easy.

Love and world peace, Ms. Ida!

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