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Reversible Drawstring Gypsy Skirt

I wanted to create a pattern for my students that are a bit more advanced.

I have been trying to get this pattern out of my head and onto paper. It is simple enough for beginner students and it does not have any hard sewing to do; the gather stitch is the hardiest thing you will be doing in this project.

I have put the pattern on my site for sale, it will be found in the De La Rosa Designs tab of this website.

I have created this pattern in 5 sizes, extra small, small, medium, large and extra large. I have also calculated the yardage as well for you. Now, you can add more gather to your pattern but be mindful of adding your yardages as well.

When you print out your sheets, there will be page numbers at the top of your page, but I also added indicator marks with the alphabet at the corners. If it is an outside corner I add green markers so help you put your sheets together.

I have put my sheets together, and now I am going to cut them out.

So as I was putting the skirt together to figure if I have done my pattern correctly, I came to find that I made some mistakes and I fixed them as I went along. I started to cut out my pieces by placing them on my fabric. I had decided to do the 5 tier with 2 different patterns and the 3 tier with just one pattern of fabric.

Remember when cutting your pieces, that you follow the directions that your piece calls for. Placing your tiers on the fold, cutting your drawstrings and pockets. Now, I only cut my drawstrings and pockets on the 3 tier fabric because I wanted the pockets but when I went to sew the pockets on I put them on the other side of the skirt or the 5 tier side. You can put pockets on both sides but, it will get a bit bulky. I put it on the drawstring and pockets on all the sheets so that you will know how to lay your pattern pieces out. Remember, it is up to you on this, you can also use a solid piece of fabric for the pockets and you can use cording or ribbon for your drawstring as well. Remember to make the placement of your pockets as well.

Because I wanted my pockets on the 5 tier side, I start with that side of the skirt first. I started by adding my panels together, the top there with the 2nd tier. I need those together first because I need to add the pockets. Because I have a serger, I serged my pocket around the curve of the fabric. I also top stitched my pocket down so that it would not pucker.

Once, I had my pockets on, I was now able to sew each side together, but I also had to create my opening for the drawstring. I started at the top by marking with a pin 1/2" down, then marking 3/4" for my opening. You will sew from the top to the first pin, make sure you reinforce it. Then, you will start at the 2nd pin, leaving the 3/4" opening, sew your seam line down and around your pocket and keep going to the end of the seam. Remember to keep your needle down when turning corners.

You can see from the picture below that your opening will be there for your drawstring and you will do this on both sides. You can top stitch it make it more secure or leave it this way.

Top help keep my piece in alignment, I went ahead and did the same thing to my top tier of my 3 tier pattern so that I could put them together at the top.

I sewed the tops together with the 1/2" seam, all the way around. Pressing everything really well so that when I need to have the two side together there was not puckering, always aligned. Once, I pressed my piece well, I top stitched 3/4" down to create the casing for my drawstring.

Now, that we have that done, lets get started with the various tiers of the skirt. Remember that when you are adding your tiers, that you keep your gathers even. You can do your gathers with your sewing machine or by hand. I like to set my sewing machine at the looses stitch and put my tension at the tightest. You can play with the setting of your machine until you get the gather you want.

You will be making your drawstring. You will be making two of them and because you will want them long, you will have to sew 2 together to create your long drawstrings.

I fed the drawstrings from one side, all the way around to the same side, basically creating a loop around the skirt. I did this on both sides and it is up to you if you want to add beads or clasps. This is the best way to cinch and open your waistline. You want to be able to open the top of the skirt with no problem. Remember that you can wear this at your waist, high hip or even as a dress.

You have added your drawstrings and now you must do the last thing. You want to put a 1/2" rolled hem on both skirts. Once you finish that, you have a reversible drawstring skirt.

I do hope you have enjoy this blog, and that you will purchase the pattern. I hope to be making some more patterns of various outfits, accessories and whatever, it was fun getting the pattern together and calculating the yardages. Making my brain work to its fullest potential!

Love and world peace, Ms. Ida!

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