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Frequently asked questions

What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing is any modality that manipulates, moves, balances, and clears the subtle energetic aspects of a person’s being for the purpose of restoring health, vitality, connection and balance to their life.To add a new question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.

What ways do I experience energy work already?

If you have done Yoga, Tai Chi, acupuncture or Reiki, you have experienced energy work. If you have ever had a change of mood being around someone who was loving and giving or someone who was negative or hateful, you have tangibly felt the shift of the subtle energy body in response to another person’s energy.

Does energy work vary from practitioner to practitioner?

Like modern medicine, each branch varies in its specialties. Energy practitioners each have their own specific strengths and skills to help you live your best life. My specialties include releasing trapped negative emotions, processing trauma energy, removing unhealthy energy chording and other negative energies that can create blocks and hold a person back. I enjoy working with generational patterns, balancing energies with Reiki, and distance healing. Each session is intuitively personalized for you.

What can I expect from a session?

Sessions start by getting you comfortable, and having you talk about what aspects of your life need addressing. I will work to remove what energy needs to be removed, balance what needs to be balanced, and do whatever work I feel would be best for you. All you need to do is sit or lay down comfortably. Think of it like getting a massage, but there is no touching involved, just moving the energy body instead of the physical body.

What are good times in life to get an energy work session?

Energy work can be done at any time. It is most beneficial when you have just had a difficult event in life like a loss, a big change, a time where old traumas have come to the surface, or times when you are doing intensive emotional therapy or body work. It is also beneficial for regular energy resets to help you feel better and stay clear and balanced. Energy work can help you reset, process difficult emotions, and weather challenging times easier. It also dovetails very well with traditional therapy and modern medicine.

What will it feel like?

Energy work feels different for each person. Some people feel nothing at all, to others it might feel intense as difficult emotions come to the surface to be processed and cleared. Sometimes moving that much energy can feel comforting and pleasant. Sometimes a person can get the shakes like they are cold. Sometimes a person might feel mildly sick or dizzy momentarily as hard things are released. Sometimes a person might have epiphanies or feel a sense of great relief. It just depends. The more sessions a person does, the deeper the layers of healing we can accomplish, and the more results you will see, and each session will probably feel different than the last.

Will I need multiple sessions?

Similar to therapies like acupuncture, it is best to have more than one session and to even make time for regular practice. Unlike acupuncture, though, that balances the system until it goes out of balance again, and is ready for another reset, energy work is for good. Once you have healed a layer, that layer is healed. There is no revisiting it because it’s better. Our energies are like onions with layers and layers, and the more sessions you have, the more layers you can peel away, and the deeper the healing you will be able to enjoy.

Is energy healing connected with a religion?

No. No religious elements are used in my energy techniques, and you need not have any specific religious affiliations for it to be effective. If you are religious, that is fine. If you aren’t, that is fine.

Can energy healing be done remotely?

Yes, in fact sometimes distance energy work is preferable, like if you are ill and need energy help, but can’t leave home, or if you are in a different part of the country or the world than the practitioner. Maybe a person has anxiety and feels more comfortable receiving help in their own home and over the phone or messenger. I started out as a distance Reiki practitioner, and still often find I work best doing distance sessions over the phone or messenger.

Do I need to believe in energy work for it to be effective?

No. Belief or faith is not necessary. Not everyone can or even should believe in what they can’t see or measure, or what is not in the scope of the five senses. Just like if you had a massage, you don’t have to have any faith or belief that manipulation of the body by someone who is trained to do it will be of benefit. You just experience the benefits no matter the beliefs. Energy work is the same. It just works. Belief is not necessary.

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