Introducing the crew

We are a group of artist, designers, engineers, teachers along with other talents that we each hold.  We love to be creative, to teach, to learn and to pass on our craft.  We invite others to join us on our site. Contact us at and we can get you information on how to join us!

Ida De La Rosa Ellis

Ida has 40+ years of experience as a seamstress (I call myself a "Fabric Engineer).  I loves to prototype one of a kind pieces.  Teaching is another passion of hers and she also enjoys DIY projects.  Crotchet, beading, smocking, quilting and embroidery are a part of her talents.  Her sites are De La Rosa Designs, Ida May Stitching, Loops Crafting and Re-Looped Designs. 


If you have any questions or you would like to contact her you can at

Member of the Fiber Artist of San Antonio, Fashion Group International San Antonio, Texas Fashion Industry Initiative and Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas