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Quilting for Beginners

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

At the end of the school year, Uvalde was dealt a horrible tragedy;19 students and 2 teachers were viciously gunned down. Everyone in Texas, around the US and the world could not make sense of this evil crime.

So our story begins, when a friend of mine sent our Fiber Artist of San Antonio group an email requesting help for Project Linus:

The request was for 50 quilts that would be donated to the schools in Uvalde for the new comfort zones being created for the students to use. The sizes were to be 40" x 60" quilts with backing, no batting, because it is Texas afterall, it is hot almost all year long. With hurried enthusiasm, I volunteered my sewing students, Girl Scouts, Girl Scout Alumnus and also with the American Sewing Guild Convention coming to San Antonio, I was confident we could help make about 6 quilts. I knew it could be done, it should be done because we had the equipment, the fabric and the girl power!

Making the patterns were the next level, I had them already one done; being a quilter as well, I had one that was a typical 4.25" x 4.25" pattern, most quilters use a quarter inch seam. I needed to create a pattern that all students could use because not everyone is a quilter. especially my beginner students. I needed to get them to be as excited about this project as I was so fixing the pattern was a huge plus.

Let's put our square's together!

So now we can get started sewing!

This student decided to put the first two of each row together first.

Now she added her third piece.

Here is what they look like now! She decided to flip her top piece, so that the hawaiian pieces were not together.

Let's put them together.

You can see she even switched things up again, it not quite perfect, but at least she gave it her all!

I am hoping that some of you beginners will not throw your scrap fabric away, save it to make quilt squares for yourself, a family member, or someone who just needs a warm gift.

Our story has a very good ending, our goal was to get Project Linus six quilts, but we ended up giving them eleven.

I want to thank all of my sewing students, Girl Scout Troop 739, Order of the Silver Trefoil San Antonio, ladies that attended the American Sewing Guild Conference in July and to everyone who donated their time, fabric, and skills putting the backing on all 11 quilts! The Fiber Artist of San Antonio, came out and also donated to the cause and they exceed the 50 quilts to over 100 quilts donated.

Thank you Marisol Deluna Foundation for allowing me to pass on my craft to others!

Love and world peace, Ms. Ida

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