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Let's Make an Easy Skirt!

I love cutting fabric and creating things that are beautiful! I want to show you how to make this easy skirt but I will be doing it step by step with colored paper, so that you can understand how to cut your fabric.

Let's Get Started:

I like to use fabrics that are flowy for this type of skirt, you can use cotton, silk, sheer or in this case it is a lightweight chiffon. You can use 45" or 60" widths of fabric because you are using the square of the width. I am going so you this with colored paper.

You will open your fabrics and you will start to make your squares. Don't forget, your fabric will be at it widest when working to make your square, so make sure you have plenty of room to work with.

The great thing about creating your 45 degree angle, your selvage that is lay vertical on your fabric is your cut line. Use pins to hold all of your fabric in place. Once you feel secure, cut your fabric into your square.

Make sure that you have both of your pieces cut so that the next step will be done properly.

Using lots of pins to hold fabric together, you will make another fold.

Because I am doing this with paper for demonstration, I am not using pins. You want to make sure that your folds are precise and when you get ready to cut you radius that you fabric stays steady.

The next step is doing the calculations for your waist/high hip measurement. I like to do the high hip because I do not want a lot of gather. So the formula you will be using is to find the radius of your circle.

Your circumference will be what you measure for your high hip or waist. You will divide this by PI (3.1416) and then you will divide by 2.

I will give you my example, because I am not ashamed of my circumference.

42" divide by 3.1416 = 13.368984 (13.37)

13.368984 divide by 2 = 6.68449198 (6.68)

Because my radius is smaller bigger than 6 5/8" I am going to use the next fraction with will now read as 6.75" or 6 3/4".

Remember to measure twice because you will only be cutting once. Mistakes can happen, but this is always the rule we have in sewing.

Your next step is to put your skirt together, and get your point to work.

You have the option to sewing your circumferences together first then put your waistband on. I like to keep the waistband in between the two fabrics.

When cutting your waistband out, remember that you must measure your circumference to create the waistband. My rule of thumb is measure the circumference and then decide if you want elastic or a drawstring. I created a drawstring but it is all about your and your creation. Remember if you do have a drawstring, that you leave an opening to place your drawstring through.

If you are doing elastic, remember to close your seam all the way, leaving a casing when you attach your skirts so that you can feed your elastic through. Also, when measuring your elastic, do not make it too tight, leave enough room so that you can wear it the way you want it.

You drawstring can be any size you want, I cut a lengths long of my fabric and made my drawstring 1/2". You will you the same rule of thumb for the drawstring, twice the size you want plus a seam allowance. Even with the drawstring I still put elastic in so that I have a secure base but I use a thin elastic. If you are just doing elastic consider 3/4" or 1" elastic.

Don't forget to do your hems for your skirt, I like doing rolled hems but if you want to do something different, you can. You can add lace or ribbon, it is up to you, it is your creation.

Remember you can wear this at your waist, high hip or even as a dress. It is something that is all your own and now one else has.

I do hope you have enjoyed this blog, I know that it has been a few weeks since my last blog but I have been diligently working to get my class going again so that we can have a successful summer program.

Love and world peace, Ms. Ida!

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