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Sewing Lessons for Beginners!

Lots of people want to learn to sew, but sometimes life gets in the way; or you sewed when you were younger and want to get back into the swing of things. Here are a few lessons, that will help you get started.

The PDF sheets can be found at our PDF tab at, each sheet comes with instructions on how to use your sheets. We have beginner, intermediate and advanced sheets so that you will continue to practice to gain better control of your patience and speed with helps with your sewing.

Please have fun doing this!

In our first video, you will learn how to just use your machine, no thread or fabric; this is a practice test so that you can get a feel for you machine. This will also help with your gliding

of the paper; if you hold one too tight, you will create bigger holes in your paper and if you push to hard you may damage your paper and machine. Just simply guiding will help in you finish your sheet. Please remember to be patient and mind your speed, have fun!

The second video is all about turning corners, remember no thread and no fabric. Patience and being aware of your speed plays a factor on how we learn to sew.

Our third video is a new sheet I created for my students, because they like to try continuing the rectangles as they sew. You still have no fabric and not thread, just your patience and maintaining your speed is the key.

Our fourth video is about circles, they can be hard but if you are wanting to make circular pillows or round lovey's, you really need to practice this. Patience and speed is a must!

Your sheets should look like this!

So far so good? Possibly feeling better about using your machine? Let take it one step further but before we do this, let add fabric to our sheets. Students, you will need scissors, a stapler, fabric and thread. Always ask for help if you do not understand anything.

Well, you now have fabric on your sheets and you are ready to sew with thread. Made sure you thread your machine according to you machines user guide. I will post a video on on how to thread a machine. We are going to start again with our lines, please be patient and been mindful of your speed. Remember to clip your threads away from your machine and always put your thread to the back of your sewing foot, Cutting too close to your machine needle may cause it to become unthread, you want to be able to keep your sewing machine needle threaded.

Your rectangle sheet is all about turning your corners properly. On the last rectangle you will see that I have taught you to lock in your stitch, if you want to do this with each of your rectangles you can so that you get the feel for locking your stitch. Patience and speed control are always a must, plus cutting your threads away from your machine.

You also want to practice your continual rectangles because the more you practice the better you get.

Practice your circles so that you can also learn to lock in you stitch. When you get finish at your start line, you might what to keep stitching by counting to five and go over your existing stitches. Patience and speed play a factor in everything.

So you have made it this far, your sheets should look something like these.

Now remember that practice makes perfect, sometimes perfect, but it is all about being patient and control. You are the one in control of your project.

I have also enclosed PDF's for intermediate and advanced students who do know how to sew but might need practice. These will be found in the PDF section of our website at

These are our sheets for intermediate students.

Here are the advanced sheets.

We hope you have enjoyed this blog, pass it along to your friends who also like to sew or who want to learn to sew. Have challenges on who can create the best sheet, based on time and accuracy. But most of all keep an eye out for more videos to come.

Remember practice can make perfect, we are not wanting you to have perfection each time. We want you to practice to you can get to being close to perfect because not everything is perfect all of the time. We know in our hearts what perfect is to us!

Look out for next weeks blog on hand sewing/embroidery!

Love and world peace to all! Ms. Ida

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