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Girl Scout "Sit Upon"

It is Girl Scout Week and I thought I would start by showing you how to make a non sew "Sit Upon"

You will need three items, possibly 4 if you have it. They are a Girl Scout t-shirt, an old towel and decorative Duck Tape; if you have an old pillow, you can use that as well.

Let us start by folding in our arms, we do not want to cut them off because the more fabric you have inside of out sit upon, the more comfortable it will be.

The next thing, you will square off the top of t-shirt, folding it to the back.

Tape the fold down, so that you can do the next step.

Now that you have done this, let's prep the towel. I have a pillow and a towel, my pillow came from Goodwill, and my towel one that I no longer use because it is torn on the side. I like the idea of having some fluff in my sit upon.

As you can see I use a piece of tape to hold the towel to the pillow.

Now, we will fold and tuck the sides of the towel to the pillow.

The next step is to place it carefully inside your t-shirt.

Position your pillow in the center, we will now fold the tee around the pillow.

Keep adding the tape to the back of your sit upon, this is what lays on the ground so that the t-shirt does not get dirty.

Then do the sides to start finishing it off. Tape off all of the sides to finish out your sit upon.

Here is my finished sit upon, you can see it is not square, it is not perfect. It does not have to be, it is my art.

I do hope you will make a Girl Scout Sit Upon, I chose my Camp Mira Sol Tee because I miss camping there. Camp Mira Sol is no longer a Girl Scout camp in San Antonio, but I can take Camp Mira Sol with me to all my camp sites.

This was Camp Mira Sol, it was sold a few years back, but I loved it and still do. I have wonderful memories of mud fights, sing-alongs, swimming and just hanging with all of my Girl Scouts. It was a wonderful place and it was also magical. I will miss it always.

Located on the scenic Guadalupe River, Camp Mira Sol gives girls the full, outdoor camp experience, while still being close to home. Mira Sol is a day camp and transportation to and from camp from the Sally Cheever Girl Scout Leadership Center is provided each day. Like Camp Mira Sol, each of the eight-week sessions has a theme. This year’s themes are: music, animals, technology, celebrating the seasons, cooking, art, sciences, and swimming/splash zone.

Although the camp has cabins that are used by Girl Scout troops for overnight camping on some weekends throughout the year, Camp Mira Sol is a day camp and much of the girls’ time here is spent outdoors. There is a pool, an outdoor arts area, and a trading post where girls can shop. During each session, the girls will cook out at least once during the week, planning and preparing their meal together. Traditional camp activities including archery, swimming, and craft time are also part of the experience

Love and world peace! Happy Girl Scout Week! Ms. Ida

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