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Bows and Flowers

We are making a scrunchie, a hair tie, flower petals, bows and rosettes.

I have created patterns for you to make your own bows and flowers, I have also added a scrunchie pattern, as well as a hair tie pattern.

These are easy to make, one of them you will need parental assistance because you will need to burn your fabric.

Let us start with the most popular, the scrunchie:

I like to make my scrunchies with fun fabric. You can cut this on the bias of the fabric or just the width. The smaller the elastic, the easier it is to work with. You can also use a pony tail holder band, the recommendation is that the elastic works better because sometime the pony tail holders break.

*Remember that you can always add more length to your pattern; I like to add it to the fold of my pattern so if you want to add two inches more, add one inch to your pattern. The fold will give you the two inches.

Our next project is a hair tie:

Hair ties can be as long as you want*, they can be as wide as you want. Here is the easy way to make a hair tie.

Flower Petals

These patterns make beautiful petals; you can make hair clips, head bands and add flowers to hats and even make pins out of them.

2 Fold Flower

Single Fold Flower

Any of these patterns can be used to make either of these petals. You can even make your petals bigger. I like using the 1/2" petal size as my pattern for my felt back piece.

Bows, Bows and Bows

I like making bows, they are a good way to use my scrap fabric. Bows should be cut on the bias, you can cut them on the width of the fabric but you will not get the same result. When you make bows, you can use the same fabric for the center of your bow but I also like to use rick rack, trim or even sewing buttons or beads. For these bows, I am using material.

Let's start by finding the 45 degrees in your fabric.

1" x 2" Bow

1 1/2" x 3" Bow

2" x 4" Bow

Remember the trick to making bows the size that you want is; double the size of both the width and length you want. Do not forget to add the size of your seam on both sides as well plus to your ends.

Rosettes are lovely!

Making rosettes* is very easy, I have made 4 different patterns for you and you can do these with the sewing machine with your loosest stitch. I like doing them by hand because I can form them the way I like.

Our last project is making petals

When I make petals, I use fabrics that can be manipulated. Chiffons, organza or any synthetic fabric works well because with I burn the edges, the edges will curl and not fray.

Please be very careful when burning fabric, you want to use a wand or even a candle. Something that will stay lit so that you can concentrate on your fabric and not keeping that fabric directly on the flame.

My pattern calls for 20 pieces, you can do more if you like to make more layers onto your flowers.

Any of these bows, rosettes and petals can be place with a clip, bobby pin, be put on a head band, or a hat. Be creative with your piece, if you like wearing things in your hair, these will be your way to shine and show your sewing skills.

I hope you enjoy making your bows and flowers, be as artistic as you want. Look out for more videos next week.

I was so bummed two weeks ago, I could not do my blog because I had no power. The snow was beautiful but made my life chaotic, had to do some orders first then work on the blog as I could.

Getting ready for Girl Scout week, so look for a Sit Upon, SWAP's and other things Girl Scout related.

Love and world peace, Ms. Ida

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