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Three Strips of Fabric

We hope you will enjoy putting fabrics together to made three different projects!

First, we must iron our fabric.

You will want to iron all of the fabrics you will be using.

Let's learn to cut with our fabric.

I have enclosed three videos that will help you in cutting your fabric.

First with a rotary cutter. In this video, you will learn to make a clean edge and measure your fabric.

Our second video is learning to cut with your scissors. We never lift the fabric, we always cut as close to the table as possible.

Our last video is learning to find the straight of your fabric; you will learn to cut with a pattern, so to speak, using a strip of fabric you have already cut.

We measure twice and cut once!

Let start with our 6" strips of fabric!

We are making a tote with a decorative strip in the middle. It measures 16" x 16", I hope you enjoy these videos on this tote bags.

Pinning your fabric. You will use this video for your 4" and 5" fabric as well.

Sewing my seams; straight lines are a must to maintain your widths. You must try your best. Use will use this video for your 4" and 5" fabric as well.

Pressing my seam; it is important to keep your project clean and pressed. Your iron should be an important asset to your sewing arsenal. You will use this video for your 4" and 5" fabric as well.

Trimming my project, we do not want to use an uneven piece of fabric for these projects. You will do the same for the 4", 5" and 6" fabric.

Cutting my squares, I will be showing you two ways to cut the squares for your bag.

Cutting my straps, using my iron to help me make centers on my fabric into cut 4 strips for my strap.

Moving on to cut my lining for my tote bag.

Sewing my lining pieces for my strap.

Sewing my side seams for my tote.

Sewing around the top of my bag.

Quick "Trick of the Trade", that I would like to share with you.

Finishing my bag.

You can also use your 5" strips to make this bag, it would be a bit smaller and if you used the 4" strips it would even be much smaller.

Next we will be working with our 5" Strips

We are making a "Sit Upon", you can also us it as a car leg warmer and even a diaper changing mat. The size is 40.5" long x 13.75" high, we hope you enjoy the videos for this project. You could possible use the 4" widths on this but it might be too small but, you can definitely use the 6" strips. I am making this for my grandson Ethan.

You will be using the first for videos for your strips, that will be a constant when making your fabric. Once you get all of your strips together, the next step will follow:

Cutting our squares

Deciding how we want to place our squares together.

Pinning my project

Sewing the edges and quilting your "Sit Upon", I also added my strap to this project so that I can sew it on as well.

My finished project; you can use it as a diaper changing mat, a lap warmer and a "Sit Upon".

You can use the 5" strips for your bag and your pillow.

Lastly, our 4" Strips of Fabric

Here is our pinwheel pillow, the front is the Avenger characters pinwheel and the back has the yellow pinwheel. This pillow measures 10" x 10" and I was able to cut 4 square to make this this for my grandson, Jayson.