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Cotton Surgical Masks

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

This challenge comes about because of the shortage of mask to hospitals, nursing homes and doctor's offices.

These are easy to make, if you are like me, you have extra fabric laying around for projects and this is a good way make those left over pieces to use.

Design with Ease

"I am hoping that my students will take the initiative and make these at home as a community service project."

I will be giving you step by step instructions, throughout this blog. My email is if you have any questions. I have a PDF file I can email to you

Let's get started

I created the pattern out of others I had found online and I tweaked it a bit so that I had the seam allowances added along with the fold over. So in using this, if you cannot do a 1/4" seam add a little more to your pattern so that you are not taking away from the sizes.

If you do not have 1/16" elastic for your casing or you are using a pony holder add more to your fold on your main pattern.

Download these images and print; they should print to 8.5 x 11 sheets.

Let's get started

I start by printing out my pattern and transferring it to a cardboard or thicker paper so that when I am making multiples, I do not have to reprint when my patten gets ruined by my pins. In this case, you have a pattern within a pattern so it is easier to create two patterns from your original, because it has a main mask and a lining mask.

Remember that when you are transferring your pattern to write your instructions; plus if you need to add the extra seam allowance, this is your chance to do it and put your seam allowance on your pattern so you do not forget what you created.

Also, remember these are 4 different sizes, so if you are making all the sizes; if you only want to make one size, that is up to you. Just remember, that not everyone may not wear the same size. Right now, for this challenge, I am doing the men's and women sizes because those are the ones that need them more.

I will always make for the younger group, if asked to.

Working with your fabric

Cotton fabric, pre-washed is asked for these masks. It does not take very much fabric to make these. I traced this out onto fabric, then placed my needles around so that I could cut.

For my students, remember right sides together and us your seam allowance for the curved center of your masks. Also, remember to clip your seam.

I like to add a top stitch to my 1/4" seams so that they will stay secure, you do not need to do that if you seam allowance is greater than 1/4".

You will now be putting the two pieces together. Start at the top and then do the bottom. Remember if you do 1/4" seam, do your best to add your top stitch.

You have now do the top and bottom; you are ready to close the ends by doing your fold. Remember, if you are doing a pony holder, you will need to sew your holder into your fold. If you are using elastic, you are creating a casing.

Sew your sides to create your casing.

Now you can add your elastic. You will be using 16" of 1/16" elastic or the elastic of your choice. You can use ribbon, but if they need to be washed, the ribbon might not hold up well.

You will be tying your ends, so that the person you are donating to can make their own adjustments. You now have a finished product.

I do hope that you take this challenge, I will be blogging more things for my students to do since they will be home for a while. In saying this, I hope you become a follower.

Love to all, and thanks for letting me be me!

Do a good turn daily!

Another Alternative can be an open space for a filter. March 30, 2020

So many have asked that we have a space for a filter and you will be following the same instructions to cut but doing something a bit different when you are working on the lining. You will add a rolled hem before you attach to your main fabric.

You will then sew your lining to the top and bottom of the mask. Then you will roll your sides but do not attach your lining to your casing. Feed your elastic through and you now have opening on both sides of the mask.

We are still in need of masks for everyone who asks, you can make them either way. I just wanted to add this because I was asked to add the opening for the extra filter.

Thanks for letting me be me!

Do a Good Turn Daily!

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